For this month’s Def Sounds Indie Spotlight we introduce you to 21 year old Jacksonville, Florida rep Mattox and his brand new project, Bad Decisions, which consists of all original material, and a bonus track over a industry beat.

Read up on Mattox, then download/stream his Bad Decisions mixtape below, and take to the comment section to leave your thoughts and opinions on the highly talented 21 year old emcee.

Mattox is a 21 year old MC/producer from Jacksonville, FL, hes been making music for roughly 7 years, and a couple years ago started taking music seriously and began putting out music online. After releasing a mixtape titled Just Bake It in 2010, Mattox started learning the ins and outs of how to produce, how to improve his writing, and when he found his voice started working on Bad Decisions. Inspired by 90’s hip hop, reggae, fine art, street art, science, history and everyday life, Mattox’s goal is to make positive music that is relate-able and at the same time unconventional. Bad Decisions is produced by Fly High Club, a team of producers, MC’s and combinations of both. Production for the project was started in July of 2011 and after a lot of thought and hard work Bad Decisions was completed in early 2012. Mattox started working on my next project titled “Basquiat-Case” which will be out before the summer time.



Download: Indie Artist Spotlight: Mattox – Bad Decisions

Be on the look-put for Mattox to drop a new record every Sunday in 2012 on his Youtube channel. You can find the link to that, plus his official tumblr, bandcamp and more, where you can keep up with all the moves he’s making by clicking the below links.