For this month’s Def Sounds Indie Spotlight we feature BigStat, who received a tremendous response when we introduced the Connecticut-based rhyme-slinger with his freestyle session along with co-sign from Method Man, then we brought you his appearance on the Jimmy Fallon show, as he displayed his off the top freestyle skills, and most recently we posted up the wordsmiths studio session with Mobb Deep’s Havoc. At the time when I first heard BigStat’s music, I knew I had to reach out, and get him featured in the spotlight. With that said, look-out for BigStat to make a major impact on the game… as he has what it takes to take the industry by storm.

Now let’s get to know BigStat some more. Read up on Stat, download his, Don’t Quit Your Day Job mixtape, which is hosted by Redman, watch the video of his single “Pain,” and take to the comment section to leave your thoughts and opinions on the extremely talented emcee, who I could soon see at the forefront of the East Coast Hip Hop scene.

BigStat born (Gary Monteleone) has accomplished a lot in his early twenty years, and all of it; the tours with Method Man, Redman, the write ups in national magazines, the major radio airplay, can be attributed to his steadfast refusal to give up. Both in music and life he’s had numerous opportunities to throw in the towel. The first being when he was just 12 years old and his mother was murdered.

For a lot of kids the loss of a parent can send them spiraling down a negative path in life. Stat however, took a look at the situation. He saw his father having to take care for three children on his own and decided that as soon as he was able to, he’d start making his own way. His first opportunity came at 14 when he was offered a job at a tobacco farm. It was grueling labor, but he did it and by the end of the summer of 1998 he had saved up enough money to purchase a used car, a set of turntables and recording equipment. It was time to get to work as an emcee and producer, where once again his refusal to give up would be tested.

Stat’s career started in several groups based out of Connecticut. He was written up in XXL and in Billboard They were featured on major radio stations up and down the east coast from New York to Miami, on satellite radio on both Shade 45 and Hip-Hop Nation, and local TV affiliates for NBC and FOX interviewed them. They even landed a spot on ABC’s national news. His group sparked the interest of several successful and famous artists such as Rakim, Talib Kweli, Wyclef and Akon. His group also appeared on the Howard Stern show at the age of eighteen. Despite all the success they were having, his groups began to grow apart musically. This is when Stat decided to go another route; and he became a solo artist.

It was during this time that Stat also developed a close friendship with Wu-Tang legend Method Man. A tireless networker, Stat first approached Meth at a local fast food restaurant but at the time, the renowned emcee wasn’t interested in hearing him. As the month’s passed, Meth started seeing Stat networking at more and more concerts and the two started to connect. Stat ended up touring with Method Man, Redman, Ghostface and D Block from 2008-2011. He would perform at sold out venues including BBKings, Best Buy Theatre, and the House of Blues. Stat refers to Meth as a “mentor.” This can be seen in the viral “Method Man Bigstat 2am Marriott Cypher” video which gained over 250k views across the web in less than a week.

With everything on him now, Stat’s work ethic is shining brighter than ever. Stat released a mixtape titled Don’t Quit Your Day Job which was hosted by Redman. Stat’s mixtape gained him Cosigns from Krs One, Rakim, Raekwon, and even Comedy Central comedians Ralphie May and Jo Koy. In 2012 Stat freestyled with The Legendary Roots on The Late Night with Jimmy Fallon show gaining him several shout outs from Regis Philbin.

Stat has recently released his first official music video to “Pain”. This particular song is very personal to Stat because it deals with his Mother and her murder. Stat has perfected being able to write a song so the audience hears every word clearly visualizing the song like a movie and he plans to do exactly that with his Debut album Heart Of a Lion.

Watch the video for BigStat’s “Pain” featuring Jordan Meyer

Listen/Download: BigStat – Dont Quit Your Day Job (Hosted by Redman)

Direct Download: BigStat – Dont Quit Your Day Job (Hosted by Redman)

While you wait on the release of Stat’s debut album Heart of a Lion, keep up with the moves he is making by following him on Twitter, Facebook and Youtube.

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