Def Sounds would like to introduce you to the very talented LA by way of Mississippi emcee/producer, Swish.

Read up on Swish’s background and below that listen to some music from the Mississippi born and bred wordsmith.

Mississippi born and bred, Swish is the product of tough streets and strong family roots. He stands at the nexus of unbridled creativity and a blue collar sensibility that celebrates hard work and the common man. From his teenage years to today, Swish has eagerly consumed music in large quantities and a variety of styles. The self-described “rapper’s rapper” was born to a pianist father and a mother whose work ethic knows no bounds and both were instilled into him at a young age. He was taught the sounds of the Baroque, Romantic, and Classical periods as well as Gospel, Jazz, Soul, and Blues. Growing up Swish was influenced by artists such as Donny Hathaway, Thelonious Monk, and composers such as Rachmaninoff, leaving no genres untouched. In the arrangements of his production style you can clearly hear these musical influences. In his lyrics you can hear a strong foundation that sees the ills of society as an opportunity to reach a higher calling. Having already produced tour intros with video support seen by over one million fans in Europe with Anna Vissi and having worked with legends and peers alike in music such as Dave Stewart, Mick Jagger, Mike Bradford, Nadirah X, Rapper Big Pooh of Little Brother and Bishop Lamont, this Mississippi-bred rapper/producer is nothing like his predecessors. Recently, Swish has been seen performing everywhere from London’s famed Victoria House, Helsinki Finland and to television programs in Kingston, Jamaica but it’s not his resume that provokes curiosity, it is his music. His ideas transcend popular music and translate into material that can only be described as great and timeless. In his delivery, you can hear his hunger, pain, passion, and intelligence. In his lyrics, you can hear truth. In his production you can hear his aspirations and ambitions which provide more than enough insight into the character of the artist that is Swish.

Listen to some music from Swish, and check out his production skills as he produced 2 of the 4 tracks, below.

Here’s a breakdown of the tracks, the first joint is a freestyle. The 2nd track is Swish featuring heavy hitters, Bishop Lamont and Rapper Big Pooh, titled “It’s Over” that was produced by King Karnov. The 3rd joint is called “Almost Home” that is self produced and was on Swish’s EP, but will also be featured on his upcoming solo album. And the 4th track is called “Know Fi Mi Name,” which is also self-produced and will appear on the Mister+Misses group album he’s doing with female emcee named Nadirah X from Jamaica.

Swish – Dynomite

Swish, Bishop Lamont, Rapper Big Pooh -It’s Over (Prod. By King Karnov)

Swish – Almost Home (Prod. By Swish)

Swish & Nadirah X (Mister+Misses) – Know Fi Mi Name (Prod. By Swish)

Be on the look-out for upcoming work from Swish as he is currently work on two albums. One is the Mister+Misses joint album with femcee named Nadirah X from Jamaica. The other is his solo album called The Appreciation.

Swish will also have guest spots on Bishop Lamont’s upcoming album, The Reformation, Dave New York’s new project, I Got A Story To Tell, which will also feature Bishop Lamont, Raekwon, Talib Kweli, Jean Grae, Charlie 2na, Rapper Big Pooh, and others. Swish will also beat featured on Bishop Lamont and Torae’s project, Planet Of The Apes.

Stay tuned to Def Sounds for more new material from Swish in the very near future, and in the meantime stay in-tune with the moves he’s making by following him on Twitter.

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